Willow Work

My textbook for beginners and the more experienced. Now on the fifth reprint of the second edition.
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Publications (selected)

East Anglian Basketry Final Document
Published 2013

East Anglian Basketry
Catalogue 2011

Contribution to Basketry making Human Nature
Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts,
Exhibition catalogue 2011

Into the Weave, Laura Ellen Bacon, 2010 Introductory essay

Contribution to Colour, Pattern, Form by Carolyn Genders,
A and C. Black
, with exhibition at The Gallery, Bevere, Worcs, 2009

European Baskets catalogue with Joe Hogan, Irish Crafts Council 2008

Review for Crafts magazine of Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan, British Museum 2008

East Weaves West: Basketry from Japan and Britain Catalogue 2007

Woven into Memory: Koskinen, Savolainen, Vaatainen 2006 essay Basketmaking Today – Status and New Directions

Chair Seating

Known as The Chair Seaters Bible, now in the second edition. Information for purchase available
at www.chairseating.co.uk
Photo Mick Duff

Translating Stake & Strand 
Material Things Conference, 2002

Essay for catalogue Cross-over, Bury St. Edmunds Art Gallery, 2001

Contemporary International Basketmaking
Catalogue and texts, 1999, 120 pp, definitive textbook on basketmaking today, to accompany Crafts Council Exhibition, pub Crafts Council and Merrell Holberton

Eel Traps without Eels, Journal of Design History, 1998

Article in Ideas in the Making, ed. Pam Johnson, Crafts Council, 1998

Basketmaking by Polly Pollock (major contributor) 1998

Essay in Obscure Objects of Desire, ed. Tanya Harrod, Crafts Council, 1997

Chair Seating with O Elton Barratt, K Johnson, Batsford 1989, reprint 2001, 2008

Willow Work, Batsford 1986, fifth reprint 2006

Many short articles in The Basketmakers’ Association Newsletter